Hollywoodcoin is the world's first digital currency designed to solve a wide range of problems and complexities at various stages of the multi-billion film industry of Silicon Valley.



Technological progress in enhancing and implementing settlements in crypto currencies is gaining momentum as the system is absorbing more and more different industries and businesses and is being gradually introduced into almost every sphere of life.



Thanks to the vast experience of the project developers and its rapid development and recognition throughout the world, analysts in the field of crypto currency already view Hollywoodcoin as one of the main developing settlement tools among the largest film industries on the planet.


For those who are accustomed to see Hollywood as a dream factory, it is difficult to imagine the film business as a powerful machine earning huge money on people craving for shows and spectacles. But for the team of founders and developers of Hollywoodсoin financial bottomlessness and monopolistic position of the Hollywood is a well-known fact.


The team of the founders of Hollywoodсoin are experts in the field of filmmaking with various competencies, but all of them are certain that there is an urgent need for innovative solutions to existing problems and constraints that damage both the quality of films and the reputation of many participants of the process of filmmaking (for instance, lack of transparency of financial aspects and frequent accusations of "money laundering" from film critics and the media).

We are proud to present you a tool that easily solves the full scope of problems of the film industry:


Hollywoodcoin owners will earn 48% annual return using PoS algorithm

Over 60% of the modern blockbusters’ budgets are being spent on the search and attraction of the specialists in the fields of:


  • computer graphics
  • animation design
  • sound design and light editing
  • design and construction of scenery
  • selection and acquisition of equipment


as well as on make-up artists and stylists, consultants, etc.



The main problem is that the services of local companies exceed the prices charged by services providers from other cities and states by multiple times, and the price gap with other countries is even more notable.


Would the film companies of Hollywood be able to freely search, order and pay for the services of film production companies with more affordable price tags, the released funds could be used to improve the quality of the acting and managerial staff, enhance the film's advertising around the world, and to many other directions currently strictly limited in funding.

The modern financial system imposes many difficulties on the process of payment for services from other countries - from cross-border restrictions, security risks, and exchange rates volatility to the low level of integration of the international banking system, which leads to payments delays and high commissions.


The absence of tax benefits and subsidies for companies in the field of film production remains unresolved, not to mention the double taxation issue.


The list of problems above is not exhaustive. At each stage of film production there are complexities, financial losses and fraud.






Negotiating with representatives and employees of the financial and supply departments of leading Hollywood film companies, agreeing memoranda of cooperation with top managers. Active negotiations are ongoing with  20 Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Focus Features, Happy Madison Productions, Lightstorm Entertainment.

Development, testing and mass distribution of a secure mobile application (in the format of an interactive social network).


The functionality of the application will allow to connect the supply and demand for any services in the field of film production among all interested parties - film companies and performers from around the world in a matter of seconds.

Creation of the service for direct financing of film projects by any holder of Hollywoodcoin via the mobile application. Literally - development of a system that allows any individual to invest our crypto currency into the work of their favorite film company and, as a result, to obtain a share of the proceeds of the released blockbuster.


Distribution of the finished solution and advertisement of the results obtained worldwide, total monopolization of settlements in the field of film production.

Technical implementation in accordance with the project documentation - selection and editing of the Hollywoodcoin code, setting up network ports and other maintenance elements, starting the process of generating coins in blocks.

Adding Hollywoodcoin to the list of leading crypto-exchange stocks and analytical portals.


  • BTC-Alpha
  • YoBit
  • HitBTC
  • Bittrex
  • Binance

Development of a unique secure wallet for direct settlements in Hollywoodcoin and its integration with the mobile application.

Creation of a focused group of crypto currency developers, creation of a system concept, drafting documentation for the development and implementation of the system, the formation of a working group with interested customers and services providers in the field of film production for further interaction and testing of the first versions of the system.


soon on:

On behalf of the team of Hollywoodcoin developers, marketers, and managers, we would like to specially acknowledge our deepest gratitude to everyone who helped to launch and develop the project to the results we have already achieved today.


We are grateful for everyone's contribution to our joint mission, for your highly qualified work, for your patience and unwavering belief in our success.


We look forward to maintaining the existing business and friendly relations with all project participants, as well as to speeding up the development and implementation of the system to the work of not only Hollywood and the US-based film companies, but also of all leading film industries globally.


We extend separate gratitude to a considerable number of investors who did not need much time and reflection to recognize the working concept of the project.


We thank you for making a decision to become a part of not only our team, but also of a huge mechanism of settlements and financing in the film industry.